Mike Vivalo, CEO and Founder

Digital Media executive with 10+ Years of social media creation experience.  


Ryan Kellogg, Chief People Officer

Business Manager and Founder of "Win the talent war" a podcast for businesses to find top employee talent.


Brian DeMontreaux, COO

Digital Tech executive with a background in Start-Up business and SaaS platform management.

I started creating video projects in 1990.  

When I was 10 years old I used my parents monster camcorder to make videos of my action figures.  By recording 1/2 sec clips and changing their positions ever so slightly to give the appearance of movement.  This was social media creation.

When I was 16, I was given a TV, VCR and 12 VHS tapes for my birthday.  When the Yankees won the World Series in 1996 I took the game tape into school, borrowed a TV from the "AV Lab" and wheeled it into the cafeteria for the whole school to watch.  This was social media creation.

Today I head up digital sales for a top 15 world wide Facebook publisher and manage four personal social media brands.

Generation Media exists to cultivate our young creators, just as I once was.  

- Mike Vivalo, CEO and Founder

Our Mission

Our Story

There are two types of people in the Social Media world...... Consumers and Creators.  The Generation Media mission is to guide students who wish to become creators.  



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